Bible Universe 3/2007 CDLP
Ugly Magic 8/2007 CDLP
Double-disc re-issue only $10!

Disc One: Bible Universe
1. Denial
2. Exile in Bible Universe (Or How I Spent My Bummer Vacation)
3. The World is Flat, This is the Edge
4. Wormhole One
5. Myth of the Wizard Bird
6. Assimilation (In the Scheme of Things)
7. Freedom Sex with Bible Woman
8. Searching for the Invisible Man
9. Extra Extra Read All About It
10. Take a Gawk at the Weird Side
11. The Last Vegetable in Our Verb Salad
12. Call Her Auto
13. Wormhole Two
14. The Birth of Ugly Magic
Disc Two: Ugly Magic
1. Cursed Be the Everything, Now! and All Who Sail With It
2. Babyshaker
3. Metaphysical Meals
4. Man Version
5. Effort = Precision
6. Winterville Fallout Shelter
7. I Was on a Quiz Show
8. Biting the Bullet in Paradise
9. The Death of Anthony Jackson and How Brother Brandon Saved Our Lives
10. Dreamin' Bout Bein' Well-Hung Blues